Episode 04 - Choral Direction BONUS 
Here’s a quick bonus episode on the role of a choir director and the business of choral conducting. Philip offers a handful of choir directing tips honed over decades of work.

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Music excerpts in Episode 04 include (in order of appearance):

"Quartet Of Swedes - Swedish Born And Swedish Bred" by Benjamin Britten, performed by The Plymouth Music Series (now VocalEssence) from Britten’s opera Paul Bunyan conducted by Philip Brunelle for via Virgin Classics (1987)

"Deo Dicamus Gratias" sung by the Plymouth Congregational Church choir off the album Praise And Thanksgiving: Music And Spoken Word, conducted by Philip Brunelle (2006)

"Tocotta In F Major" for organ by Charles-Marie Widor, performed by Philip Brunelle off the album Make A Joyful Noise (1998)

At the end of the episode "Deo Dicamus Gratias” is performed in full.